About Cremation

Cremation is a dignified form of final disposition, and our services make it a meaningful and fulfilling way to say goodbye. It also helps you cope with the deep, yet perfectly natural, emotions that accompany a personal loss.

Just as with traditional burial, you may choose to hold a memorial service, gathering, or visitation. After the process, some families keep the cremated remains. Others request disposal at sea, or scattering in a place that has special meaning. There are several cemeteries that offer beautiful memorial gardens where cremated remains may be scattered and returned to nature. There are also many other meaningful options.

The cremation service can be as unique and individual as your loved one, because there are so many possibilities. We offer a superior selection of urns, keepsake jewelry and other commemorative items, and will be happy to suggest all the choices that accompany the cremation process.

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1. Transfer from the Place of Death into Our Care

2. Positive Identification of the Deceased

3. Transfer to the Crematory

4. Placement of the Personal Identification Disc

5. Individual Cremations

6. Return from the Crematory

7. Signed Release of Cremated Remains

8. Assistance/Counsel on Further Methods of Final Disposition/Memorialization

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